Highlight1: Elegant private rooms

Enjoy a relaxing time in an elegant private room.

Six private rooms (4 rooms, each for 6 guests; and 2 rooms, each for 2 guests) are available.Please reserve them to treat your special guests and to hold private parties. You will surely enjoy a relaxing and comfortable time.

Highlight2: Nigiri (hand-formed sushi)

Appreciate our artisans’ superbtechniques in shaping sushi.

Our sushi artisans have mastered superb techniques of skillfully using their fingers to shape sushi. Enjoy their techniques and hand-formed sushi that are prepared right in front of you.

Highlight3: Fresh ingredients

Ingredient freshness is crucial for sushi.

Using only fresh ingredients, our sushi artisans display their skills with exquisite time and effort to prepare sushi and other dishes with care. Enjoy their works, which represent the culmination of Japanese culinary art.